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Creating an Organized Office

Working from home has many benefits. You can take frequent breaks and get chores done around the house. You don’t have to abide by any sort of dress code. You can even work in your pajamas if you want! However, there is a downside to these many benefits and quite often we find that that downside is disorganization. Working at home means there’s plenty of distractions available to you including TVs, everyday to-dos, pets and family members. With so much fighting for your attention, focusing on keeping a clean home office isn’t typically a top priority. But we can help! [...]

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New Storage for the New Year

Wait for the season of “spring cleaning” isn’t always practical. After you throw away your old calendar this month, why not throw away some of your home’s clutter and get organized? If one of your goals for the New Year is to have a tidier, more efficient home, these storage solutions can get you there! Baskets & Bins Having enough baskets and bins for all of your odds and ends can make a huge difference in the tidiness of your home all year long. Almost every room of the house can benefit from an extra storage basket, from the laundry [...]

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Give Yourself the Gift of Order this Christmas

Does Christmas clutter have your house in a humbug? Do you hear the phrase “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” and picture the day you’ll see the white carpet of your closet floor once more? Take control of chaotic closets and other storage setbacks with our dazzling organizational designs this winter! Custom Master Closets What could be merrier than a gorgeous master closet with perfectly spaced hanging rails, spacious built-in storage baskets and handy angled shelves? We can help you take advantage of all the closet space available off of your master bedroom then match the look of your closet [...]

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A Tidy Holiday Linen Closet

So often we see the dedicated linen closet become the “catch all closet.” This might work for you and your family for 10 months out of the year but when you have holiday house guests in need of fresh sheets, clean towels, extra blankets and more, pointing them toward the cluttered chaos of what should be a linen closet can be a little awkward. Well, the problem may not be your organizational skills after all! It’s more likely that the design of the closet isn’t working to your advantage. Our storage solutions can help. Custom Shelving for Linen Closets If [...]

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Custom Media Center Organization

Whether you’re a movie buff, a gamer or just a really great organizer, custom media shelving can make a big impact on the look and feel of your living room, media room or home theater. It’s hard to enjoy at-home entertainment without a spacious home entertainment center capable of housing your movie collection, television set, DVD player, Blu-ray player and sound equipment. Once these items are stored in an orderly fashion, the rest of the room that they’re housed in will just fall into place! At Creative Closets, we build custom home entertainment centers able to stow away all your [...]

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A Fresh Closet for Your Fall Wardrobe

Nights are getting cooler, days are getting shorter... and you're starting to feel short on closet space! Creative Closets' custom design features for reach-in and walk-in closets make it easy to haul your fall wardrobe out of storage. Custom Drawers No room in your bedroom furniture for thick sweaters and woolens? Custom drawers with plenty of spacious nooks for knitwear let you take advantage of every inch of your closet. Get built-in drawers installed with shelving or cabinetry on top to take advantage of your closet’s best natural resource – vertical space. We carry drawer systems in dozens of different [...]

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Get Organized for the New School Year

Turn your curriculum of clutter into a well-organized stash of supplies before school starts and STAY organized until next summer with our custom solutions! These are a few of the accessories and key closet features that’ll have your home acing the organization portion of its report card this fall! Kid's Desks – Take the stress out of homework by giving your child a comfortable space to work in. A built-in desk or countertop may be just what your child needs to buckle down. For kids that are a bit older, homework takes a lot. Creating a comfortable space to do [...]

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Custom Kids’ Closets

At every age and every stage, children need storage solutions designed to grow with them. We offer a wide range of custom storage solutions that can help you get the most out of a child’s room. Creative Closets’ design consultants are experts at crafting solutions for your kid’s room and their changing needs. With space for clothing, toys, books and even places to study, our organization tools make the storage in your children’s room work today and tomorrow. When it comes to designing storage for a kid’s room, change is the name of the game. An infant’s room needs safe [...]

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Laundry Room Storage

Maybe you’ve never noticed it until now, but spring and summer are likely the busiest times of year for your laundry room. In winter, a great deal of our activity is done indoors, away from the elements in clean, climate controlled spaces. What we wear in the morning lasts us all day. A favorite sweater or thick pair of jeans could stand to be worn two or three times before its next washing. We’ve all done it! In spring and summer, however, we go through clothes like crazy. We’re outside in the heat and the humidity. Jogging, playing sports, swimming, [...]

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Spring Closet Cleaning

For some, spring cleaning means making everything look cleaner. Dusting furniture, scrubbing floors, steaming carpets... In short, making the house seem cleaner than it’s been in approximately 12 months. The closets, however, are a whole different story. They’re filled to the tippy-top with all that stuff that was out in the open through fall and winter. You shove in your coats, scarves, hats and boots to the back so that your cooler, thinner wardrobe pieces can make their way to the front. But looking at all four seasons of clothing crammed into one tiny room, you begin to wonder if [...]

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